Josh – Kickboxing Instructor

What’s up everyone!!! My name is Josh Fauske, I am 26 years old, a family man, and originally from Minnesota! I have a beautiful fiance, and a 11 year old step-daughter whom I live with. I live my life everyday by being as positive as possible. Life is too short for negativity and drama. One way that I keep the bad out of my life is through fitness. I’ve been working out ever since I could stick my toes underneath my furniture and do sit-ups. My favorite times to workout are in extreme weather (weird huh..) Kickboxing in particular really allows me to live the positive life that I want.

I’m not just a fitness enthusiast though, I also love fishing and 4-wheeling! I own 13 fishing poles!!! I previously owned a 74′ Jeep CJ5 which has been my favorite vehicle I’ve ever owned. I have such a passion for helping people that you may see volunteering at different places around Longmont or donating my time to anyone who needs a helping hand. If I’m not anywhere to be found, I’m most likely with my family Family and community is everything to me, which is exactly what we’ve built at Roundhouse Fitness. Come check us out, you won’t regret it!!!