Jenn – Kickboxing Instructor

Hi! I’m Jenn. I’m a fun, energetic mom of two busy little bugs. Josie is 6, George is 4. Besides my little family, my passion has been fitness. I’ve been teaching fitness classes for over three years, have taught people aged 6 though 65+. In Seattle, I taught HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes to busy moms, and boot camp style classes to moms with babies in strollers. Fitness fixed me in so many ways. After living many years unhappy and unhealthy, fitness gave me confidence, strength and the energy to not just make it through my day but to thrive in it. I absolutely love having the opportunity to share what I’ve learned, and watch it impact someone else. Helping others achieve their goals, gain confidence and feel more self worth is the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

We received an opportunity of a lifetime to move to Colorado last summer and decided to take the plunge. Other than missing our families in Seattle, it has been one of the best decisions we could have made. We couldn’t have been happier out here! Shortly after moving, I received an opportunity to become a Kickboxing Instructor! This was another case of “best decision ever”. Not only did I get to learn and teach some incredible skills, I met the friends and family I sorely needed. After moving across the country, I was sorely missing my groups. Our staff and members filled that void for me, and then some. The staff, members and owners of Roundhouse Fitness have literally created a family. Our family is a warm, welcoming, non judgmental group who appreciates all Come join us!