Longmont Women's Self Defense

Ever wondered about how you would defend yourself against a man twice your size? We'll teach you how to break away from different grappling situations when someone grabs you from behind, how to manipulate joints to bring anyone down, and every other aspect of protecting yourself from an attacker! Checkout our Longmont self defense classes - first class is always free!

Longmont Self Defense Classes – Learn to Feel SAFE and EMPOWERED!

Think about those late night solo runs, or walking through that dark alley.  Does that make you feel uncomfortable? In this day and age, it should.  ESPECIALLY if you are a woman and spend time by yourself.  Roundhouse Fitness is now offering Longmont Self Defense Classes so you can feel more assured when you are on your own.  Who WOULDN’T want to know how to defend themselves?  Who wouldn’t want their family member to know how to avoid an attack?

All it takes is knowing a few tricks and skills to give you a little more confidence in life.  Knowing how to handle yourself in a scary situation is a priceless commodity that most of us just don’t have access to.  Maybe you are looking for these skills yourself?  Or you might have a teenage daughter, sister, wife or mother who could use them.  Life is precious, and even if you never have to use one of these life saving skills, wouldn’t it feel better knowing some?  Gaining some knowledge could help save your own life one day, or at least give you the assurance you need when you are on your own.

At Roundhouse Fitness, our Monthly Unlimited members, our Longmont Self Defense Classes are included in their memberships.  We also welcome drop ins, and if you come to the kickboxing class before our Self Defense Class, you can add it on free of charge!  What are you waiting for?  Come to our next Self Defense class and start feeling more empowered and confident in life!

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Class Time: 30 mins


1:00pm – 1:30pm

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