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Our kickboxing classes also include HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), self defense, and much more. We offer a program that works for everyone, offering modifications and challenges to fit every fitness level. No two classes are ever the same! We keep it interesting, keep it fun, and keep you coming back!

Why Choose Longmont Kickboxing Classes?

You may have seen some of those cheesy kickboxing videos from the 90’s and thought, if this is what kickboxing classes look like, this is NOT for me. Well, we are here to tell you those old stereotypes are wrong. You may be surprised at what you find at Roundhouse Fitness, the newest gym offering Longmont kickboxing classes. Kickboxing fitness has evolved over the years to become the fastest growing cardio fitness industry out there. The reason being… it works.

At Roundhouse Fitness, our Longmont kickboxing classes are NOT a bunch of aerobic-based shadowboxing drills that don’t relate to real life. Our kickboxing workout uses real life, Muay Thai style kickboxing techniques that allow our members to train with proper technique and get an amazing workout at the same time. Cardio kickboxing classes are effective because they incorporate a HIIT workout (high intensity interval training) with the fast paced FUN of hitting 200+ lb. heavy bags. High intensity workouts are the most effective type of exercise program you will find because you are learning to train without many breaks, keeping the pace of an intense workout from start to finish.

Between finding a HIIT routine and a fun fitness kickboxing class in every class you attend, you will find yourself seeing results in no time. Cardio kickboxing is a fast paced, stress relieving, fun and empowering workout you will not find at most other fitness centers in Longmont or Boulder. Plus, where is the fun in 60+ minutes of intense workouts without the gratification of punching and kicking things? Even if you are new to cardio kickboxing classes, our members ALL say kickboxing is FUN! If you are having fun during your kickboxing exercise class, the time flies by, and you actually want to come back the next day!

A Typical Kickboxer
At Roundhouse Fitness, we know not everyone fits into a standard mold. Our fitness trainers pride themselves on being able to offer cardio kickboxing workouts that will work for everyone. We teach ALL levels of fitness and a wide variety of age brackets, from beginning kickboxers to advanced skills, we will teach you the basics or keep you on your toes with challenging skills. Whether you are looking for kickboxing for beginners, kickboxing for weight loss, kickboxing for women, or kickboxing classes for teens, we have what you are looking for. Our kickboxing exercises can be modified for any fitness level. We have entire families who kickbox together here, from grandmothers to grand daughters, fathers and sons. We are truly the kickboxing gym where the family is at. Most gyms don’t even know your name, much less your usual fitness training program and your fitness goals. At Roundhouse Fitness, we get to know each and every member personally. What other local gyms offer you that?
Why You Should Choose Group Kickboxing Classes
Who needs to throw tons of money towards a personal trainer when you can get the same results in a welcoming, family atmosphere? When working with a personal fitness trainer, you never get the benefit of a group atmosphere. Having a group of members to work out with offers so many benefits. It helps keep you motivated, it gives you a bunch of like minded individuals who are ready to celebrate your successes and encourage you to keep pushing your limits even when you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Roundhouse Fitness offers you an instant group of workout buddies, which gives you accountability in your workouts and a sense of camaraderie and friendship whenever you walk in the door. Our cardio kickboxing classes are fast paced and energetic, filled with great people. At Roundhouse, there are no social circles or cliques, everyone who attends and works on staff works very hard to make sure every member feels welcome and appreciated. This is what sets us apart from other local gyms, and really makes us a family. Our kickboxing class prices are very reasonable for what we offer, especially when they come with a built in group of AWESOME people for you to get to know!
Kickboxing for Women
Our women kickboxers especially love our classes! If you are looking for women’s kickboxing classes near Longmont or Boulder, we have it! Women’s kickboxing offers so many benefits. It increases confidence and self esteem, along with all the physical benefits aerobic kickboxing has to offer. Cardio kickboxing builds lean muscle mass AND promotes fat loss, which gives that “toned” look without the bulk most women are looking for. Many women choose kickboxing for weight loss because it is so effective, especially when incorporating HIIT workouts for women. How many of us have tried out a fit camp, weight loss boot camp or another fitness program that just didn’t offer the results we were looking for? A well designed, professional kickboxing fitness class gives you the results you are looking for. Our members and their success stories can attest to that. All you have to do is try one of our Longmont kickboxing classes and ask them to find out the truth! Kickboxing classes for women makes a huge impact in health, self esteem, confidence, stress relief and so much more! So, to all the ladies out there, NOW is your time! We challenge you to try Longmont kickboxing classes at Roundhouse Fitness and start reaping the benefits! At Roundhouse Fitness, our Longmont cardio kickboxing classes just can’t be beat.
What to Expect at Your First Class
At Roundhouse Fitness, we offer complimentary private kickboxing classes in Longmont to our new friends. From the moment you walk in the door our friendly staff is getting to know you, and tailoring a fitness training program to suit you personally. If you have never taken a class with us before, you receive two free boxing classes, one Longmont kickboxing class during one of our standard classes, as well as one free personal training session with one of our awesome kickboxing and fitness trainers! We also have some great gym membership deals once you decide you want to become one of the “family”. Our gym membership prices are reasonable, and have many different options to fit any family or budget. We offer monthly unlimited memberships, drop in class rates and class passes, so we can tailor a fitness plan that works with your budget as well as your time schedules. So, what are you waiting for? See what all the hype is about! Call us today and sign up for your FREE kickboxing in Longmont, CO!

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