When did having a lot of cash and bling bling become the cool thing to do?? When did having empathy, gratitude and being kind become not cool?? As a whole we have this completely backwards. This needs to be flipped around!!

I don’t scroll through my Facebook news feed very much and if I do I’m mostly ignoring 95% of posts. The posts that I do stop to read and the videos I stop to watch are those talking about random acts of kindness, empathy, and gratitude. This is cool to me. When I see someone hold a door open for and elderly person I think that’s cool. People holding wads of cash and flaunting it to everyone… not cool…

I think we’ve fallen into this terrible way of thinking because we’re all focused on the short term. I dare you to spend 2 hours in a nursing home. Talk to the folks there and ask them about their life. Then ask yourself when you are on your deathbed what will you think about?? How will you determine if you had a good life or not?? Your last day on earth are you really going to think about your bank account?? I can’t speak for everyone but I’m betting not. You’re going to think about your relationships and the good things you did in life.

I’m not saying being financially stable isn’t important, especially for those with families. You know a good way to become financially stable?? Display empathy, gratitude, and kindness.

Please help Roundhouse Fitness make kindness, empathy, and gratitude the cool thing to do!!! In the end you will not regret this decision.