All too often we give ourselves to many options. We always have a plan B which allows us to never actually commit to anything. We walk the line, we keep the door cracked, we never fully commit. There is a famous saying that goes “If you want to take the island, burn your boats.” This way you have no plan B. You have no other options and you will commit yourself 100% to your goal of taking over the island. Shift your mind to think like this about your fitness goals. When a lion approaches a gazelle they don’t just hope that it falls down, they commit. They’re 100% all in because their life depends on it. This is the lion mentality. This is a mentality you need to practice. Chances are you’re currently working towards some sort of goal. It could possibly be a new years resolution you gave yourself. Do not allow yourself a plan B. Stay committed!! Stay committed through at least July 1st. If you stay consistent and continue to work hard I can promise you that you will begin to see results. I can’t tell you when, but it will happen.

You got this!!!