Water!!! Water is on of the key ingredients necessary to survive (right above Facebook and Snapchat.) Did you know that for the average adult human being our bodies are 50%+ made up of water?? That’s a lot which means we must be drinking enough water to keep our bodies healthy. Below I am going to list the benefits of water and why / how much you should be drinking.

First, let’s visit this idea that water is boring. I cannot deny the fact that it is. Because it’s so boring it has zero calories!! There are several ways to spice it up though. You could add some lemon, lime, mint, berries, cucumber, oranges, etc. All of these will give your water a little flavor. There are even water bottles designed to hold fruit. No more putting off drinking water because it’s boring. Spice it up!!

Next, how much water should you be drinking?? I live by the idea that you should take your body weight and cut it in half and that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking. For an athlete I would increase that by 15-20oz for the average person just follow the rule written above. You can purchase water bottles that have ounces marked on the side so you know how much you’re drinking. You can also take a empty gallon of milk and write on it. Write on the side time slots and make sure by the time marked you have drank that much water. Make sure you get a running start on your day by drinking a glass of water before anything!! I like to take my coffee cup and fill it with water and make sure I drink that entire glass before I get to my coffee and breakfast.

Now for the real reason you’re reading this. The benefits of water!!

1.) Increased focus – Your brain is made up of mostly water, do you want to starve your brain??

2.) Prevents muscle cramping – Your body is just like any mechanical part. Keep it lubricated and it will run more smoothly.

3.) Less headaches – The majority of headaches I have experienced in my life have come when I wasn’t drinking enough water. Coincidence???

4.) Keeps your skin fresh looking – You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging products, just drink more water!!

5.) Promotes weight loss – It’s calorie free, suppresses your appetite, and helps you burn more calories.

6.) Flushes out toxins – Water will run through your body and flush out bad toxins through sweating and urination. Drinking enough water can reduce your chances of a UTI or kidney stones

There you go!! Now you’re educated enough to know why you should be drinking more water and it’s time to execute! Go get a glass of water and drink up!!!