Goals are of the utmost importance to becoming successful in just about anything. You’re figuring out what it is you want and why!! Then you’re writing those things down and coming up with a plan of action to reach those goals. Now it’s time to get it done! After starting though something weird happens…

Let’s use fitness goals for an example. After all you’re reading this blog post off a fitness website. Let’s say you have a goal of working out 4 times a week for 45-60 mins each time. During week 1 you are super motivated. You crush each of your 4 workouts. Week 2 starts and you’re right back on track. After your 4th workout of week 2 you realize something. This is hard… You’re still motivated though so you cruise into week 3. During week 3 all you can think of is how hard this is to keep up this pace. You finish week 3 and now you’re dreading week 4. You’re motivation is basically non-existent now. You go through the motions of week 4 and on your last workout of week 4 you drive away from the gym and you never go back.

Did I just describe your New Year’s resolution every year?? Here is what happened, you forgot about why you started and you lost trust in the process. You lost faith and your focus shifted. In January you’re running on a paved path with hundreds of others who are attempting to reach their new years resolution fitness goals. In February, you’re basically alone now. Almost all of the people you started with stepped off that path and gave up. Being alone can be scary and a lot of time you start to doubt yourself. DON’T DO THAT!! You have to trust in the process. You have to trust that all of this hard work will pay off. Believe it will happen!!!

2018 is the year!! It’s the year where you actually take action and make a change. You don’t give up and prove to yourself and everyone else that you have what it takes. You got this!!!