Why our workouts are built the way they are.

15 minute warm up – On average it will take your body about 15 minutes of aerobic activity before it enters its “fat burning” mode. During the first 15 minutes of your workouts your body will be burning mostly carbs for it’s energy, meaning you’re not burning much fat in the first 15 minutes. Once you hit that 15 minute mark, your body will start burning fat for energy. That is why the first 15 minutes of our workouts will always be aerobic exercise to get your body in the right stage to shred that fat.

HIIT heavy bags – The next large chunk of your workout will be executed in front of a heavy bag. These rounds are 3 minutes of high intensity workouts followed by 1 minute of rest. Oddly enough, this is the exact timing that boxing and kickboxing rounds are. During this interval training you will be getting your heart rate about 70% – 90% maxed out, then letting it come back down a little during your rest period. HIIT workouts boost your metabolism and your body will remain in a metabolic rate for an extended amount of time! This means that your body will still be burning calories for roughly 24 hours after your workout is complete. Our heavy bags also hold 200+ lbs of water in the base of the bag. This means while you’re punching and kicking the bags you will be pushing around 200+ lbs. This is fantastic for toning your body and because we’re doing kickboxing and not just boxing, you’re getting a full body workout.

Partner drills – These drills are also 3 minutes on and 1 minute off. These are designed more for accuracy and balance. Working with a partner also creates a sense of accountability in your workouts. In addition to that, you’re making new friends!

10 minutes of stretching – The first 5 minutes of our stretches are active stretches followed by 5 minutes of static stretching. Active stretching is quicker movements to allow the heart rate to come down to it’s normal resting period at a normal pace. Once the heart rate is back to normal, we start static stretches.

You’re done!!! We offer an optional 10 minute core workout after every class. This is 10 minutes of straight ab workouts. This way you can be assured that your abs get the maximum workout each and every day.