Don’t try to be someone else, be the best version of YOU

The television has ruined our self image. On just about every channel and every Netflix show there are these so called beautiful people and everyone wants to be like them. You know what I say to that…. Well I can’t say it because it includes profanity. In other words, I hate it… TV nowadays makes us believe that in order to be accepted into society as a women, we need to be a size zero with nice tan skin. If that’s not us, we are not good enough. Men, we all need to have muscular physiques and nicely trimmed beard. If that’s not us, we’re not good enough. If we don’t have these types of bodies, we will be judged and not accepted. So what do we do??? We pick someone on TV or on the internet, and we strive to be exactly like them. We do the same workouts as they do, we watch how they put their make-up on and we do it exactly like them. We dress like them, we eat like them, we talk like them….

THAT IS NOT REALITY!! Most of what you see on TV and online is either photo shopped or covered in several layers of makeup. TV simply “builds” the perfect person, because nobody is perfect. They say the camera can add 10 lbs, well nowadays technology can remove as many pounds as you’d like. Technology can give you a 6 pack or erase all of your blemishes.

We are all different people, GOD intended it that way. If he wanted everyone to look exactly the same, he would have made it that way. Now I’m not saying that you should just let yourself go, you still need to be healthy. I’m simply saying that you don’t ever need to strive to be someone else, strive to be the best version of YOU. Focus on YOU!! Stop trying to be like Kim Kardashian and be you. Don’t be afraid to strut around in your own skin. Show off your qualities, be proud! Do your own workouts, wear your own make-up, dress how you want to dress!

You have something to offer the world. You have your own specialty. You might be good at frying chicken, cutting grass, doing make-up or hair, fixing cars ect. DO YOU! Give the world what you do well. One of the Kardashians has their own line of pants, that doesn’t mean you need to do the same thing. That’s something they’re good at and they are giving the world their gift, you need to give the world your own gift. What will your legacy be?? When you leave this earth what will you leave behind?? Will it be exactly what someone else did because you tried your entire life to be exactly like someone you seen on TV or the internet?? You can certainly look up to someone because of their hard work and use that as inspiration to do your OWN THING, but don’t try to be exactly like them.

You’re beautiful and you’ve been put on this earth to be YOU. Show everyone on the face of this earth that YOU exist as an individual and make people remember YOU for who YOU are.