We all have them, otherwise we wouldn’t be working out.  It can be anything we want to accomplish with our workouts:  losing weight, getting stronger, dropping a dress or pants size.  The hard part is not to get frustrated with yourself if you don’t reach your goal.  Here are a few tips to make it easier to reach your goals.

1. KEEP THEM SMALL!   We all want to reach for the moon with our goals: (I.E. “I want to train for  a marathon but I’ve only ever run a few miles”, or “I want to lose 30 lbs this month”).  The problem is we expect to accomplish impossible things, and get frustrated when we don’t even get close.  Try shooting for 1 pound per week if you are looking to lose weight, or attending 2 classes per week if you are hoping to start a fitness program.  If it’s diet related, try to limit your craving foods instead of eliminating them.

2. CELEBRATE YOUR SMALL SUCCESSES!  Each small victory is one step closer to reaching that main goal. Make sure you celebrate everything you did RIGHT instead of beating yourself up for missing last night’s workout. Give yourself some small rewards for staying on track.  Buy yourself a new workout shirt, treat yourself to a pedicure or a night out with a friend.  Keep your rewards healthy though…  that “death by chocolate cake” is not worth going backwards for!

3. NO REGRETS!  This one step is HUGE.  It is so easy to fall off the saddle when you’re trying to start a healthy lifestyle, especially if you’re not used to it.  If you start feeling guilty, frustrated or lose motivation it is that much harder to start up again.  If you have a “cheat” meal not on your diet, appreciate how much  you enjoyed it.  Then tell yourself “that was delicious, but now it’s done”, and start back up where you left off.  Treat yourself kindly if you have a few sugary treats, or if you miss the gym for a week.  Enjoy the break, and get yourself excited to get back on track.

Habits become habits simply because we GET USED TO THEM.  We have to make exercise and healthy eating a habit by making it a part of our daily lives.  If we don’t stay consistent with our plans, those goals get further and further away from us.  So make that your goal for the month of October: Stay consistent!