1.) We all have our priorities. We have our list of values and what we love to invest our time to. Often our own fitness does not fit into our list of values, or if it does it is on the bottom. Instead you have Thursday night pizza valued ahead of your own health. You need to figure out what the top 5 things on your list of values are and ask yourself if those are the best choices for your long-term future goals? I recommend you find something that doesn’t belong there and replace it with your own fitness.

2.) While we’re young, we simply think that we don’t need fitness or to maintain our health. If you think this way, you will regret that decision later in life. You need to work to PREVENT the problem before it happens instead of fixing it once it arises. We don’t often take action unless there is a problem. So when you’re healthy, you typically won’t put a whole lot of thought into staying healthy. Once you’re not, that’s when most people want to take action but by that point the problem already exists and now your battle will be even harder.  

3.) You’re not investing yourself into your fitness. You’ve cracked the door open, but refuse to open it all of the way. You decide that you’ll have 7 doors slightly cracked instead of committing to one door and opening it all the way. You need to become emotionally invested in your fitness because, fitness is a life style. How hard it is to stay with a significant other that you’re not emotionally invested in? It’s the same situation with fitness. Find something you love, and throw yourself into it one hundred percent. Open the door all the way, walk through and commit yourself. You also need to find ways to hold yourself accountable. Find someone who is wiling to join you on your journey or use the community in your gym. Do anything you can to keep yourself interested and committed.